Bay to Park Paseo

What and Where


The Bay to Park Paseo is an all-volunteer project to design, build and fund a unique, entertaining 1.7-mile impermanent pedestrian experience on Park Boulevard from the San Diego Bay to Balboa Park. It will connect two crown jewels of San Diego, the Bay and Balboa Park. The connection passes by many of the city’s beloved places, including the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge, Petco Park, the Central Library, UC San Diego Park & Market, NewSchool of Architecture & Design, IDEA1, City College, and San Diego High School. 


The Paseo was suggested by the notable urban planner, John Nolen, to the City of San Diego in 1908 and has been an unfulfilled dream of many in the design community – this project is designed to help realize this important goal. The route is divided into 12 different “Zones.” Teams of notable architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers will use Design Thinking and Tactical Urbanism to create an entertaining, fulfilling pedestrian experience – an “Anthology of Short Stories” will stress the Design Principles driving the project – Impermanence, Inspiring, Inclusive, Imaginative, Interesting, Instagramable, Impactful, Whimsical, Quick, Cost-Effective.


To learn more the project and its legacy, visit this link: Bay to Park Paseo Project




Chloé Lauer
Safdie Rabines
Carrier Johnson + Culture
Quigley Architects
UC San Diego Design Lab
Mike Stepner, NewSchool
Miller Hull
Howard Blackson
Public Architecture
Justin Manor Artist
McCullough Landscape Architecture
Downtown San Diego Partnership/Clean & Safe



March 30, 2023