Bringing Art to San Diego Civic Center Plaza

What and Where

The Plaza is the civic heart of downtown and the seat of City Government. As such, it reflects how the City views itself and viewed by others. It’s a place for convening, but needs to be refreshed and enhanced to celebrate the art and culture of our region.


This proposed, work-in-progress initiative will be a collaboration between URBAN INTERVENTIONS, the Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego (ICA, SD), and the City of San Diego Arts & Culture Commission – the goal is to enhance the Plaza by installing temporary vinyl prints of existing work from local artists. The art will be rotated every six months, and all expenses would be covered by URBAN INTERVENTIONS and ICA, SD.


Window Vinyl

Window vinyl concept by Andrea Chung

Fence Display & Lamp Post Banners

Fence display concept by Griselda Rosas. Lamp post banners concept by Sofia V. Gonzalez.


May 3, 2018