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Construction Fence Stories

What and Where

Nothing is more boring, impersonal, and a big target for taggers in a city than a construction fence, but certainly not the one for IDEA1 – a project in downtown San Diego. A bold black and white painted geometric design on its construction fence served as the perfect background for a series of revolving “Stories” painted on 4′ X 8′ plywood sheets by students of the K-8 school Urban Discovery Academy located across the street. The “Stories” were replaced by new editions as previous ones were taken down and auctioned to raise funds for the school.


This project fostered a new spirit of community collaboration – a win-win for the students and school to raise funds and for the community who got to enjoy the aesthetic value of the construction fence, including the benefit of only having a handful of tags in 18 months.


IDEA Partners, IDEA1, Visual Asylum Design, and Urban Discovery Academy


May 15, 2018